How to get countless skips and replays? A complete guideline

Watching or listening to something and suddenly an ad appears. Sounds annoying right? Well, here comes the role of skipping. It provides the opportunity to move past a song that is not your favorite song. Indeed, it helps you to access your favorite song. People confuse the skipping by giving a thumb down. Both are different.

Skipping helps you to move towards the next song while keeping it in the station. In addition, the thumb down action prevents the song to appear on your list again. Besides that, by picking the ‘I am tired of this song’, you can remove the song permanently.

Method to skip a song

Every pandora listener receives the skipping. People with pandora listeners get the ad-supported radio service for a specific amount. In case of hitting the skipping limit, there will be an option to unlock further skips.

Whether the pandora premium or pandora plus listeners, both gets countless skips. However, not every song is meant to be skipped. In other words, there are still some restrictions.


They are easily accessible to all listeners on their devices. Also, they allow listeners to listen to the songs from their past. The replay button helps to control skip. You can find it on the left side. The major role of ad-supported listeners comes while tapping the replay button. After completing the ad, the track will start again. The pandora premium and pandora plus includes the replays in their subscription.

Do you want to play songs from history? Click on the replay button and see the magic.

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Trouble in skipping or replaying the song

People who are using an ad-supported radio service version hold a certain amount of skip. By hitting the skip limit, the user may unlock other skips along with the advertisement. Whether you are using Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium, there will be plenty of skips. But it excludes the not eligible songs to be skipped. In case, you feel trouble while skipping or replaying, it is quite possible that you are not eligible.

Moreover, make sure that the functionality allows this feature. By troubleshooting section, you can solve the problem. Furthermore, check out Pandora Unlimited Skips for the free premium version.

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