How to send gifts to IMVU? Simple and easy method for 2022

IMVU stands for the meaning of Instant massaging virtual universe. The famous online social networking site was launched in 2004. meanwhile, the theme was to bring revolutionary avatars. Indeed, it can be considered a platform that helps make new friends. Apart from chatting, you can also create and play games. Furthermore, you can send multiple gifts. Here is how to send gifts.

How to select a gift from IMVU Catalog?

The process is pretty simple; however, follow all steps.

  • Access the IMVU website and log in to the account
  • Now go to the shop menu and browse the catalog
  • Pick the gift item. You can also write any gift on the search bar.
  • Tap on the attractive items or pictures.
  • Click on the picture to get product information. now add it to the gift link
  • Soon, the gift will be on your gift list. You can share it with anyone after receiving it.

It wouldn’t be wrong to claim it as one of the famous platforms to address social networking. In addition, it comes with a client value of about 6 M+ active users. Sounds interesting, right? Asides, it also comes with the most superior products catalog with almost 40 million items. It means the user has a wide variety. You can pick anyone according to the choice.

The exchange of gifts can be the main element for several users. There are two ways to exchange gifts. One of them is by using an avatar card. Meanwhile, the other one is accessing the shop. By picking the first option, the user can send gifts from the avatar card through the person’s wish list.

Through Promo Credits

It is pretty simple, just like another average credit. First, you need to log into the IMVU Account. IMVU account has the amount of promo credit relying on the base of the information bar. You can see it on the top of the screen. Use the browser. Go to the IMVU catalog and select the item for a gift. After that, click on it.

Through the avatar cards

Are many people new to the site wondering about some simple steps to share gifts. are you also one of them? In such a case, here are some of the following basic steps.

  • First, you need to pick the gifts from the avatar card
  • locate the gift option on the bar
  • now click on the picture of the user’s avatar
  • use the friend’s menu to search for the friend
  • later on, click on the gift icon and share the gift with a friend

Through Gift shop

Do you know that you can share the gift directly from the shop? It will avoid unnecessary clicks.

  • Visit the shop menu on IMVU
  • Pick the gift item that you need to share
  • get access to ellipsis. you may see three dots there
  • soon, the product card will be displayed
  • get the available options click on the gift option
  • pick the friend with whom you desire to share the gift
  • Share the gift by clicking on the send button

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