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Enter yourself in a world where a cute pet is waiting for you to be loved. Pou mod apk provides various unique and unlimited features. Click download to install the latest version of the game to amuse yourself with Pou
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Everyone has a favorite genre for games. Where so many people are in love with action games or racing games, some are looking for entertaining games. For instance, Tomcat of producer Outfit7. After introducing Archero mod Apk, I would like to introduce you to a fantastic game called Pou Mod Apk. This game is about taking care of a cute pet. Indeed, it also involves several other activities as well. Such as, you need to play with it. furthermore, it also requires bathing.

Pou Mod Apk

App Name:Pou mods Apk
Updated On:8/5/2022
Mod Features:Unlimited Coins, Everything Unlocked

Pou apk mod is an exciting game developed by Zakeh. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store as it’s free. We will share a modified version of Pou moded Apk, identified by the game’s original version. You will fall in love with the unique features of mod Apk. These features help you to take care of the pet quickly. Furthermore, Do you love dragons and imagining stuff?  then Check: Dragon City Mod Apk 

Mod Features of Pou Mod Apk

In this article, we will discuss the beautiful features of the Pou apk mod. Once you are convinced that this game is a perfect choice for you, we will provide you direct access to installing the game. For your ease, we have made the process more simple and easy. You are going to love this game.

No one could have imagined that Pou will get such a height of popularity. The game was initially published in August of 2012. It is said that Pou Apk has 500 million active installs on Google Play Store alone. The game is available on iOS too. It is one of the most loved games on the Google play store with an average rating of 4.4 and 4.3 on the App store. People, who have played MY TALKING TOM 2, might find it similar to it.

Taking care of a pet has always been a source of joy. It’s not only about the feeding pet but makes you happier too. Pou is such a cute character shaped like an alien or monster. However, it looks like a potato also.  The character of pou contains a fat body and large round eyes, which are known as ‘mortal’ Unlimited Level of Pou. Pou is attractive enough to make you feel in love & feed him at first glance.

As we all know, that game is about feeding our baby alien Pou. Pou meal is diversified with snacks and food. It involves cake, pizza, hamburgers, and so many other nutritious. Taking a look at Pou while growing would make you feel loved. You might get ‘mommy’ type feelings too. Sounds like fun, right?

What Pou loves to eat is ‘candies.’ Candies can make Pou happy. He can eat a lot and grow incredibly beautiful. However, make sure he is not getting fat. Actually, you need to maintain the health of Pou.

If you are aware of the most famous Tomcat of producer Outfit 7 Limited, you should know the unique caring method. Pou belongs to the same category. I like the most about this character because it can interact with you like a real person. You can enjoy gossips and have a lot of fun with him.

 You will be amazed by the fun created by taking care of this creature. The method of playing the game involves swipe and touch operations. The pet should be raised well by different levels. The higher the level, the more remarkable features your pet can unlock.

The player can find its To-Do list tasks in different parts belonged to the same room.

Lab: You can shop for medicines, items, and items from here

Bedroom: The developer has created some exciting games for you. You can select your favorite one from here.

Hall: If you want to perform outside activities, then Hall is the best place for you. You can go for a walk with your pet, or you can play football.

Kitchen: You can get food items to feed your pet. Make sure to provide it well so that it can thrive.

Bathroom: Use the bathroom to clean your pet

Sad: When your pet feels low, you should play with him to turn sadness into happiness.

Friends: You can visit another pous by tapping the small Pou icon. Select Friends to see pous friends.

Fat: Use Fat burner potion to lose weight of your pou. You can do exercise to reduce the fat of pou.

We all are aware that Pou is a free android game, but you have to pay $2 is. Now, I will clarify all those reasons why you need poumod ios.

Pou contains many mini-games. For instance, in one of them, you have to drive a car. Where two interesting terrains, snow, and mud, are locked, one terrain is unlocked. You have to spend 99 coins on the Snow track and 1999 coins for the Mud track. On the initial level, you start the game with just 200 coins.

 To collect 1999coins initially, it will take you days, so be patient and enjoy the fun. Make sure to keep in mind that this is one terrain. However, there are certain similar items in games that need to be unlocked. To unlock them, you need a certain amount of coins.

After that game demands you to make in-purchases. Usually, the cost is between $0.50- to $11.25.For your ease, I am going to create a cost list on the app store:

  • 2,000 coins – $0.99
  • 4,800 coins – $1.99
  • 15,000 coins – $4.99
  • 48,000 coins – $11.99
  • Baby Potion – $0.99
  • Adult Potion – $0.99
  • Grey Body Color – $0.99
  • 125,000 Coins – $24.99

You have to purchase whenever you run out of coins. That’s precisely where Pou mod Unlimited coins and max level earns your attention. Mod Pou Apk clarifies you that ‘how to get unlimited coins’ and the amazingly for free. The 25 MB Apk helps you to unlock all the features.

Here are some tricks by which you can earn unlimited Pou coins completely free. Every cheat pou is tested before.

  • You can earn coins by rubbing Pou.
  • When you play outdoor by choosing ‘playground.’ Throw a ball by fast slide. You will be awarded by coin whenever you make a goal. 
  • You can earn coins only by just driving. In the ‘playground,’ chose drive. You can gain so many coins from that.
  • Play different games are given on the game menu. The more you play, the more the coins you will earn
  • As we all know, pou has a pet dog in this game. Take your pet on a walk or outdoor to earn coins.
  • Invite your friends to play this game with you. You will be awarded the coins whenever you invite a friend.

The following features make your game more interesting for you.

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We all are aware of the fact that currency plays an essential role in such games. The only currency that Pou mod uses is coins. You can call it money and gold too. Every player starts its game with only 200 coins. You have to purchase more when you run out of it.

Pou mod Apk hack provides you countless coins even in the beginning. You are lucky enough to start the game with 999 currencies. No matter how much you spend, you can’t run out of it. 

Unlocked Potions

When Pou gets sick, you need potions. Even if you want the pet to grow fast, you have to provide him potions. Lab of Pou gives you various types of potions. For instance, adult,  baby potions, etc. Use these potions to give him a healthy lifestyle.

Following is a list of the potions, their usage, and prices.

Good News

You can get all these potions completely free. They all are unlocked to add more fun to your game. The game is much more than what you have imagined.

Unlock body colors

Pou has an incredible quality of changing colors. Adopt a new look of Pou by changing body colors. For this process, you need to buy the original game. Here Pou mod apk free purchase provides you all the skin colors and body colors for free. Now you can adopt any look quickly for your baby alien Pou.

Removal of ads

The free version of Pou contains ads that you see while playing mini-games. Although they are entirely harmless, however, they can distract you. To avoid this distraction, you can use Pou mod Apk hack. You can name it as a premium version. The premium version with many new updates for you.

Pou Max level

You cannot reach the max level or Pou’s adulthood organically without its mod apk. It’s a slow process and requires time to reach your goal.  Pou mod apk 2021 helps you to unlock the max level with countless coins. Use the coins to take the game up to the maximum level.


Graphics plays a significant role in any game. If you are not using good quality graphics, players might not find it attractive. Pou mod apk provides you beautiful 2d graphics, which makes it more exciting and appealing. You won’t get bored during the game for sure.

Unique Sound Tracks

Besides the fact that Pou apk mod has beautiful graphics, there is another quality. Pou mod apk 2021 contains a unique soundtrack. This soundtrack adds more fun to your game. 

Talk to Pou and listen Back

If you love pets, but unfortunately, you cannot get that, there is good news. There is another outstanding characteristic of Pou, which is my favourite. Now you can talk to the pou and listen back like real.

Action Performance

Now you can perform various activities with your Pou and its pet. For instance, you can play football or try different games with it by clicking outdoor. 

Different Sections

Pou mod contains various sections in the game. For instance,  the kitchen, lab, bathroom, and lounge, etc. Make sure to move the pet around all departments according to the requirements.

Play with Friends

The game provides you an extraordinary chance to interact with your friends through this game. Ask your friends to join and play this game with you. The best part is you may earn coins at that point.

  • A functional device must be an android or android version of at least 4.0
  • Download the link to the latest version to install the game
  • Good speed of  internet for downloading the APK Files
  • Uninstall the previous version, if you have downloaded the game before


How to Download and Install the Pou Mod Apk android?

The internet gives you a vast number of websites, which provide the best and easy access to the latest version of the game. However, they might provide access to the older functional version of the Pou mod apk.

Many websites provide you nothing but viruses to your android. After a lot of research, I am going to offer you a secure version of the link. This link will help you guarantee access to download the game easily.

  • To start, click on the link given below for downloading the game.
  • After clicking that, you will receive a warning note. Don’t worry about it, as it’s entirely safe for use.
  • Click ‘yes’ to start the downloading process.
  • Once you complete the downloading process,  you will get direct access to the installation process.
  • Now, click on the Install and leave the rest process for your android.
apptros apk downlod guide


Pou mod apk works best for the players who cannot sign in to Google Play Store. Or due to further reasons, they are unable to download the app. It would be the best, if they download their game just by a single click.

If you’re a lover of games, then keep visiting our websites for updates. We will provide you with authentic and resourceful information regarding various latest features and installation processes of games. No doubt, Pou mod Apk 2020 is an incredible and addicting game in the Google Play store, which lets you play with a cute character pet named Pou.

You will love this game if you’re a pet lover. This game will provide you to enjoy pet company like real. You can talk or go for a walk with Pou, whenever you want. You’re the guardian, and as an in charge, you have to feed the pet. You are responsible for all the activities.

 You will find the part of growing Pou’s journey. What I like the most about this game is that you get unlimited coins. You don’t need to purchase coins at every step. It works perfectly for everyone who cannot use the Google Play store. 

I think it’s hard to find such perks and benefits in another game. You can even ask your friends to play this game with you. At that moment, you may get coins for free. No game provides you with the little games in a match. Here you can play various games with your pet. This game is full of surprise money and gold. 

With all these benefits, who can even say ‘no’ to these beautiful games. Such services are enough to make up your mind. Just go and get this fantastic game on your android to make perfect use of your spare time. Also, Download Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk as it’s completely free and loaded with fun.

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